Franchises in Mexico have emerged as a successful marketing model with a great positive Greenland Email List impact for the country, generating more than 700,000 jobs, according to data from the Mexican Franchise Association .

In fact, and citing the statements of said organization, an increase in GDP of 6.5% can be associated with these undertakings. These types of companies, in this country and the world, have an advantage over the rest: they are already proven models .

In addition, and contrary to what you may think, in many opportunities they are cheaper than most think.Now, in this article we will approach franchises in Mexico from two perspectives: those franchises that are “top”, that is, that are at the top of their turns,

and those cheap franchises, that is, low investment but that can generate a quick ROI for their owners.One of the things that you should keep in mind is that, regardless of the type of franchise you choose, you have to prioritize the brand value that they already have, since it can be a differentiating factor for your financial aspirations.

Get ready!5 best franchises in Mexico1. PemexWith more than 25 years of existence, Pemex is the largest franchise in the country and it is oriented to the gasoline business, as you may already know. And according to the Brand Finance ranking, this organization is worth more than $ 7.36 billion.

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