Creating content and campaigns that are timely and in line with people’s interests is essential to effectively promote.  Our products and increase the sales of our online store. For this reason, creating an ecommerce calendar with the most important dates, including holidays, world days, events, etc. concerning the sector, is very useful. It is important to personalize communication with customers and take advantage of the sales potential during these times. Succeeding is much easier if you have a tool that reminds us of the important dates in 2022. When your products can stand out the most. When you think about the days when consumers are inclined to buy, your mind probably jumps to the Christmas season.

What is an ecommerce calendar then?

An ecommerce calendar is a way of organizing the business year in advance based on some key dates: religious and secular holidays, commercial events such as Black Friday or sales, “world days” … these are in fact moments unique to get more sales and meet your e-commerce goals month by month. It is also useful to integrate the dates indicated in the ecommerce calendar with those of the editorial plan , planning activities related to the theme of the different days: Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Christmas, etc. In fact, this type of tool is also called a “social media marketing calendar”. You will then be able to think about offers, new product launches and promotions based on Italian holidays and choose the most suitable ones for your online business.

Marketing calendar for 2022: how to use it?

The benefits of having a marketing calendar are obvious.

In summary, following the 2022 calendar for your email list pakistan ecommerce marketing will save you time and effort, and will help you avoid mistakes!

If you’ve read our article on the sales funnel , you’ll know that awakening the interest of your visitors at the right time and in the right way is essential to motivate them to make the purchase. And a marketing calendar will help you do just that. For example, if you sell romantic products for couples on your ecommerce, the best time to focus your marketing efforts might be before Valentine’s Day. And if this might seem obvious, there are tons of important dates, hot periods and opportunities in the 2022 ecommerce calendar that we’re sure you won’t want to miss.

2022 calendar: Italian holidays and important events for an ecommerce

But which parties should you use for your ecommerce? Let’s start by saying that each country has its own 2022 holiday calendar. Because with the exception of some more “universal” holidays. Moreover, each has its own culture and traditions. An example above all? The Chinese New Year . If your target market is the Italian market. This article and our marketing calendar for 2022 is just the thing for you.

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