The acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management or in Spanish “Customer Relationship Management”. These tools are aimed at commercial management, Equatorial Guinea Email List customer service, marketing and after-sales service. These softwares allow the data collected and stored to be used to track each interaction with current and potential clients of a company,


focusing on the satisfaction and loyalty of said clients. And, although the capabilities of the software may vary , they are generally known as CRM.3 most used CRM software’s in LATAM and their characteristics Now,

there are various CRM software according to the Marketing Tools LATAM 2019 report carried out by Rock Content, among the software most used by companies that year, we find on the list: 1.

Zoho  CRMZoho CRM is a cloud management software so it allows its users to connect from anywhere. This tool centralizes the marketing, sales, services, support and management processes. Zoho is suitable for small and medium businesses due to its low cost and it is very easy to use. Its functions include: automating routine tasks (such as scheduling sales meetings, sending follow-up emails, etc.) to streamline the overall process and focus the sales force on more productive and detailed work; the management of sales processes based on a sales action plan ;

one omnichannel communication through emails, phone, social networking , live chats, forms, web conferencing and self – service portals. To later centralize the information and manage the interaction data;

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