The “bits of gold” have become a world-famous product and Doritos, continues to consolidate its brand through advertising with all its advertising arsenal. Proof of this we checked again after the last edition of North Korea Email List the Super Bowl, where the brand came punctually as every year with its original and fun proposals as an advertising spot.

Doritos has undoubtedly become a pioneering and innovative brand since, in addition, for years it has known how to find the best creative talent among its own fans and consumers. In fact, thanks to the initiative of its original contest “Crash the Super Bowl”, Doritos called on consumers to be the creators of their advertising commercials.

The result is certainly worth it. Excellent and fun proposals where humor and wit predominate in abundance as essential components. Elements and reasons to spare to create our little tribute to the advertising of this brand through an extensive selection of spots. 30 funny commercials full of good humor and that will surely not leave you indifferent. Do not miss them!

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