Have you ever wondered how to find a second job? The good news is that there are so many ways to find a second job, and the ideas for extra jobs are even more.


Also, an important trend in secondary jobs is the ability to do them from home. While there is no exact figure, some studies seem to suggest that over 100 million freelancers around the world are running a successful online business from their homes.

The benefits of being your own boss are so many that more and more people decide to leave their stable jobs to embark on this journey into entrepreneurship , or simply organize their lives to make room for a second job, without necessarily leaving that one. stable.

If you are considering starting your own business, you might want a list of all the extra job ideas, within the reach of anyone daring to take this step.

Ideas for a second job

Wondering what to do as a second job? Here is the list of the best 43 ideas for a second job from home (or not).

1. Ideas for a second job: travel consultant 

Do you spend more time packing and unpacking than most people you know? Traveling is one of the greatest passions of these times, the crazier and more nomadic the trips are, the better!

If you have a knack for organizing authentic and memorable trips and are passionate about planning great adventures, why not do it as a second job? Become a travel consultant and help plan unforgettable holidays from A to Z, enjoying every second of your working days.

2. Ideas for a second hand job … in dough!

From freshly baked butter croissants to colorful macarons and fluffy donuts, the world of pastry is rich and constantly growing. The great thing about online businesses is that you can turn a great passion into a second job almost overnight.

If you like cooking , create your own blog , open a  YouTube channel, social profiles and launch your recipes online, if you know how to be truly original, there will be no shortage of requests. However, to become popular and get hunted you will need to apply the best marketing strategies.


3. Wedding planner as a second job

If spending hours finding pictures of table setting ideas azerbaijan mobile phone numbers and bridal bouquets is the definition of your ideal job, you could be a fantastic wedding planner.

The main requirements for this job are excellent management skills and a particular attention to detail – no specific diplomas or qualifications are required to be able to break through in this industry! You can sell consulting services, wedding decorations, games, personalized gifts… the list of possibilities is endless, or almost!

Perfect to start as a second job and then make it (why not?) Your main business if the customer base grows a lot.

4. Party / corporate event organizer

Planning an event is like planning a wedding, but bigger. This work includes any type of event, from bachelor and bachelorette parties to sophisticated corporate presentations and product launches.

Again, it is not difficult to be successful in this sector, but a good portfolio and some impactful testimonials can help you start with a certain advantage to start organizing events as a second job as soon as possible.

Obviously you will have to work a lot on digital marketing and social media will have to be your daily bread.

5. Ideas for a second job? The teacher of foreign languages

What can be done for a second job? Well everyone knows that the quickest way to learn a language is to speak and practice with a native speaker. You can also be successful teaching Italian but, if you are lucky enough to be bilingual or even trilingual, you will have no problem finding people to help!

Use online communication tools, such as Skype or Google Hangouts, connect with students through platforms such as talk  or Preply, set an hourly rate and you will be ready to make teaching your second job!

6. Ideas for second home work: the translator

Are you looking for other ideas for a second job with languages? If you speak more than one language but are not interested in teaching, try translating. Plenty of companies are looking for someone who can translate their site in order to expand into new markets.

Your role can therefore be crucial, to present their site in a new language, while keeping its originality and its message unaltered. Keep in mind that the most common way to make serious money with this business is to assign a price to each word to be translated.

To kickstart your career in this second job remember to build yourself a great portfolio. The best way to get started is to rely on platforms like Upwork or TextMaster to acquire your first jobs and, at the same time, cultivate your LinkedIn profile in order to get noticed by potential new customers.

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