In recent years, the success of streaming platforms has given product placement a prominent position. Before, companies already used it to position products in a less intrusive way and to be associated with Greece Email List series and fashion movies, but now this is one of the few avenues left to enter the home of viewers while they watch that content.

Since VoD platforms don’t include advertising (AVoDs do, but their market is yet to explode), brands must sneak through the cracks. And those gaps are the integration into the history of its products.

The big star in La casa de papel , the Netflix series that became the platform’s first major Spanish global success, was, in terms of brand, Estrella Galicia. In the distribution of beer lovemarks in Spain , Estrella Galicia has had Galicia safe for decades and has been positioning itself in the markets of border communities. During the last years, the beer brand has been positioning itself in a more visible and general way, trying a state strategy that has given it considerable success.

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