With the new consumer trends and the current competitiveness of businesses, one of the reasons why companies must move into the era of the digital revolution is because now our clients are in constant search of the personalization of services .For this reason, the commercial areas have begun to implement more specific roles, such as consultants, advisers, account executives or Account Managers.This is why there are also differences between the roles of consultant and account executive.As an example we can say that, on the one hand, the seller only has the strategy of getting new clients , and on the other, the account executive is in charge of delivering the Netherlands Phone Number List services acquired to the client in a timely manner, managing that communication bridge between the company. and the consumer.In most companies, both roles are carried out by the same person, but there are some that are more specialized and have a sales-only team and another focused on account management.From my experience as an account executive in a Digital Marketing agency I live the side of specialization.


Advising my clients with the best digital strategies to achieve their business objectives.Here are some tips that as Account Executives we must keep in mind to have better results in the retention of our clients and in the satisfaction with our services.5 tips to be a better Account ManagerI will provide you with techniques that guarantee that the service is personalized, and that it ultimately translates into more sales, because as the “father of modern Marketing”,

Philip Kotler , already warned us , winning a new client costs 5 to 7 times more than keeping one current.1. Establish communication channels from the beginningIf in addition to being a consultant you are also going to carry out the task of account executive, it is important that when the client decides to start working with the agency, the rules of the game are defined.If, on the other hand, you will only handle the administration of the account, it is imperative that there is a presentation meeting where it is made clear from the beginning what the means of communication will be and with what minimum frequency we are going to schedule follow-up meetings, of reports of results, etc.This meeting is also important so that both the client’s team and the agency team get to know each other and create a working bond in one way or another.The use of WhatsApp is increasingly common as a means of communication with our clients, it can be a little more informal than email, but in terms of speed of communication it is the most effective.If your client is one of those who respond faster by whatsapp or by a call, I recommend using the email in the same way just after this call / message to keep more professional evidence of what is being talked about.An example could be a summary email that begins with: “According to our call …” can help you manage a better delivery history or follow-up that you have been doing with your client.I also consider it important to share with your client what are the best and worst times to communicate with him, to know if at lunchtime you can call him, or if he handles overtime, that is, if after work hours,

both are willing to answer calls and / or emails.To the extent that this information is shared, the better the communication between the two.2. Earn the trust of your customersTrust is defined as the firm hope that a person has that something will happen, whether it works in a certain way, or that another person acts as he wishes.In this sense, gaining the trust of your clients by being an Account Executive, goes from aspects clearly related to your role, such as responding for the delivery of the services that the agency is providing to your client.Although the services offered depend regularly on the operations team, you are the face of the agency before the client and responsible for complying with all the standards of time and form, and above all that they are always focused on the business objectives .If the client sees that you are also working on it, for example when you know all the details of the report or because you made the report together with the operations team understanding how the entire strategy was executed, that is where you will gain their trust. .

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