Have you heard of the 5W2H method? This tool was developed in Japan by professionals in the automotive industry. The objective was to assist in the creation of action plans.In practice, the method allows the analysis of different strategic aspects for a project. Each acronym of the term has a meaning and represents an analysis.What will be done, why, by whom, when, where, how and how much it will cost. All these questions are answered by applying the method that we will show in this content.The marketing , sales, product development, projects and even daily activities are areas that can exploit the Luxembourg Phone Number List method 5W2H for the company better define their strategies and have a more significant effectiveness.If you also want to study this method and apply it to your business, check out this special content!What is the 5W2H methodology?To understand what the 5W2H methodology is, we must first define the term project. It can be assigned to any action plan that has steps, responsibilities, and deadlines.That said, we can think that in our company we develop several projects. An advertising campaign on Google Adwords , for example.Plan your investment, define the values, the communication channels, the person responsible for the actions and other activities. That is, you create a project and you need to track its management.

In creating this project, there are different points that need to be analyzed, like a real checklist.So, to standardize these analysis points in project management , the 5W2H method was created , which acts as a checklist to validate your action plan.You will understand better by analyzing the following topic!What are the main elements of the 5w2h?Each element of the acronym has a meaning. The 5Ws represent what it would be in English: “What”, “Why”, “Who”, “When” and “Where”, while the 2H represent “How” and “How much”.To clarify all the meanings,

let’s create an example. Imagine that your company wants to increase sales and has identified that it can achieve this by purchasing marketing automation software . Let’s see how the 5W2H method could be applied.What: What will be done?The first W means “What”, translated into Spanish. What do you want or need to do?Following our example, you could fill this field with the following wording: I want to hire a service / software to automate marketing strategies, such as creating email marketing automation flows!Why: Why will it be done?The second W means “Why” in Spanish. Here you need to determine why you want to do it , why it is necessary, and why it is relevant.In our example, the reason for investing in the software would be to chart a shopping journey and route potential customers until the order closes.Who: By whom will it be done?The third W refers to who will take the given action . This point is important to designate the responsible persons .If this is the case of a multi-activity, multi-stakeholder action plan, everything should be well described so that there are no mistakes.

Following our example, let’s suppose that you yourself are responsible for evaluating and purchasing the software, right?When: When will it be done?Now, in the fourth W, let’s determine when the action should take place . Here, we are talking about the deadline and this is essential in any project. After all, an action plan with no deadlines and steps certainly won’t happen as expected.

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