Investing in communication with leads and customers is one of the most effective measures when we think about promoting engagement with the public of a company. By knowing well the characteristics of your audience, you can determine the best forms of contact to establish a closer relationship and understand what their preferred means of interaction and consumption of information are. For this reason, in this post, we select the main communication channels with which you can offer fast, efficient and humanized attention. Continue reading!1. Calls Although the Azerbaijan Phone Number List transformations of the digital age have brought new ways of communicating – such as email and instant messaging applications – there are traditional communication channels that have not lost their importance. This is the case for phone calls, with options like Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts. Text communication can work well in a variety of situations, but calling directly has the benefits of: convey information in a clearer and more detailed way; resolve a customer problem quickly; know their reaction immediately.

In addition, in a telephone conversation we can more accurately perceive customer satisfaction while communicating with our company. Aspects such as intonation, articulation of words and moments of silence help to define if the person has positive or negative feelings in relation to a certain issue or your brand .Despite these benefits, direct calls can be invasive for some people.

Therefore, make sure that the client authorizes to receive information by this means and remember to introduce yourself and tell them the reason for the contact at the beginning of the call. Ideally, you should use this medium to contact people who already know your company and who are at the bottom of the sales funnel .Those who are ready to buy, in general, want to speak with a sales representative as soon as possible, in which immediate communication channels – such as calls – are the most indicated. Therefore, be very careful: Direct calls to offer products or services for those who have never shown interest in the company  cold calls  are ineffective and quite inconvenient, they can even tarnish the image of the company.2. SMS Communication by short message service (SMS) messages is another way to be close to your customers, especially if the company knows how to use SMS marketing techniques .Some shipping possibilities are:

reminders about some detail that needs customer action; updates on the status of an application or service; number referring to the barcode for the payment of a ticket; discount coupon for online purchases; notice about company events in the region. The great advantage of this channel is that the messages go directly to people’s cell phones, notifying them immediately. This ability to attract attention makes SMS have great open and read rates. Because it is a personal channel, SMS is also indicated to contact leads from the bottom of the funnel.

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