Social networks are essential for companies, and not only to distribute content organically, offer another means of communication to cuba email list the client or publicize their latest news, also to use them as another advertising channel. And in fact, this is a rising channel, where many companies plan to increase investment this year.

It is one of the conclusions that we find in a new study published by RBC Capital Markets and Ad Age, which also reveals that 57% of companies are already allocating 20% ​​or more of their budgets to digital advertising, a record figure . In addition, of those, a quarter already allocates more than half to online channels.

As if this were not enough, spending on online media is only growing year by year, and currently 82% of marketers expect to increase investment compared to last year (compared to a miniscule 2% that the will decrease).

And, as we pointed out before, social networks are one of the great beneficiaries of this increase: 62% of those surveyed will increase their spending on Facebook, 48% on YouTube and 32% on Twitter. Although there are also those who are already thinking of reducing the budget: 9% will lower it on Facebook, 8% on YouTube and 23% on Twitter, another sign that this social network is not having a good time precisely.

This is indicated by RBC, highlighting that: “It must be clarified that globally, the intentions regarding Twitter are mostly positive, with a higher percentage of companies that plan to increase the budget compared to those that want to lower it. But overall, these results they are clearly negative for Twitter, and perhaps the most negative piece of information in the entire report. ”

Regarding emerging platforms, more and more respondents are joining them, and 71% already include Instagram in their budgets, followed by other social networks and applications such as Snapchat (45%), Pinterest (42%), Spotify (34%), Hulu (27%) or Google+ (18%).

On the other hand, more than half of companies plan to spend more this year on Google advertising (specifically 54%), something that is not at all strange if we take into account that according to the respondents, Google ads are the that generate the best ROI. From behind would come those of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (although this is the only platform in which the perception of ROI declined since the last survey carried out in September 2015).

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