Rather, you want to know how the market is reacting, know what the latest trends are, the position they occupy and occupy and know how to plan to always be one step ahead of everyone. This monitoring aims to find new possibilities and define objectives based on who you need to beat (or keep in front).Currently, we are in a world where detailed research is very important and the Croatia WhatsApp Number List internet grows every day. There are also a million different factors to consider when spying on the competition. And it is at this precise moment that these tools come into play.In some cases, these tools also serve to monitor your own performance and then compare it with the valuable information of your competitors.You can even be using some now. Among them are:1.- GOOGLE ALERTSThis is a simple and easy to use tool that will send reports directly to your emails. If you want to know all the times that a competitor is quoted on the internet, be it a link or a phrase from a text, you will receive a report. You can monitor keywords too. It is up to you what is important to track.


Some ways to use this tool:Get to see where your competitors are being cited (backlinks).Monitor the mentions made about your company. Especially the complaints that will allow you to respond and solve the problems.Monitor keywords. This will give you an idea of ​​what is being discussed, giving you the opportunity to produce content on that.And better yet, it is a free tool.2.- SOCIALMENTIONThis is a tool with some cool features that focus on blogging, video, and social media. Search for a term: be it a keyword or a company and this tool will show you what is being mentioned about that term on blogs and social platforms. You will be able to see how often the term was mentioned and sign up for a feed so you don’t miss out on any mention of this term.The use of this tool is very similar to that of Google Alerts, but with SocialMention you can make a cross-sectional analysis of everything that is said through various social networks.

It is also free.3.- INFINIGRAPHIf you want to track what the trends are in your social media circles, you should only use InfiniGraph focused on your industry or area of ​​focus. The idea behind this tool is that you will have the power of your audience to know what the content and the trend brands are among them.This tool can be used both for your company and for an analysis of the competition.This free tool can be used to:Follow your industry trends on social mediaTrack the social trends of your competitors.Get information about your audience.4.- INSTAPAPERAll good espionage needs an impeccable organization. This tool will allow you to save internet pages to read later. Once you sign up, you can add a favorite to the bar to make everything simpler.When it comes to spying on your competition, it is essential to know who your competitors are and what their blog pages are. This tool will help you maintain that control.

It is also free and will allow you to save the pages of your competitors so that you will not lose their updates and know everything they are doing.5.- SEMRUSHOne of the favorite tools of marketing professionals, therefore, is specialized in obtaining data from competitors. You will only need to write the URL of your competitor and you will immediately receive information about the keywords for which they rank, about organic searches, traffic and ads. The best part of all is that it comes in a graphical format, which makes it quite easy to understand.You will get a lot of information just with the free version of SEMRush. Even if you want more information and details, the subscription costs about $ 70 per month.

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