Our lives are more entwined with the digital realm than they were a decade ago. However, technology alone is not the future of marketing; it’s a combination of talent and tech. Therefore, according to DMI-led research ‘Perpetual Evolution’ that will reap rewards for companies for years to come. With so many people playing, working, and shopping online. Therefore, it’s no wonder that digital is front and center when it comes to the priorities of a marketing department. In fact, by 2022, the digital advertising spending in the U. S. is projected to surpass $200 billion.


1. Attend Networking Events

Although knowledge and resources on digital marketing are widely available from sources such as podcasts and online articles. In other words, investing in registering or joining to the conference offers you benefits that other sources just can’t. At these conferences or networking events, you have the opportunity to listen to global industry experts, take advice from best-in-class digital marketing professionals and get insight into the future trends in the digital marketing industry. These types of events also have presentations, workshops, and lessons geared to help you build your digital skillset and expand your understanding of why you do what you do. Not only can local or international conferences revamp your professional skills, but they allow you the opportunity to build relationships with peers and mentors.

2. Learn from Digital Marketing, Brands and Entrepreneurs

If you’re considering or just starting out in a career in digital marketing. In other words, making the investment in a professional digital marketing conference may be too big of a leap. Luckily, there’s a lot of great content online geared towards making a successful digital marketing career.

Digital marketing ‘thought leaders’ have the experience, expertise, nigerian email database and knowledge needed to create content that’s accessible for beginners. And since most of these industry leaders are digital marketers themselves, they know exactly how to make their content easy to find on search engines and social media platforms. You may also know that DMI’s membership library is packed full of toolkits, e-Books and podcasts that cover every subject and brand you can think of within digital marketing. These resources are designed for both industry newcomers and high-level marketers to help you reach your career goals.

3. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals and Peers

As a digital marketer, a large part of what you do is develop communities online. Whether it’s for your personal brand or to the global organization, a strong community can make or break your business. So why wouldn’t you want to be actively involved in a like-minded community of peers? Active digital marketing communities (online or offline) can help you recognize the importance of what you do and how it can fit within the ‘big picture’ of your business and life. As a DMI student or member, you get to be part of a global digital marketing community where you can post on forums, network, collaborate and find support from peers. By communicating frustrations or asking a question about an area of digital marketing you’re unfamiliar with, you can gain confidence in your abilities and push yourself to learn and try new strategies and processes.

4. Find a Digital Marketing Internship

As with any internship position, many people do them for. In other words, the opportunity to work in a professional environment that pushes their capabilities. An internship can be challenging, but when surrounded by the right team, you can learn from their mistakes and successes. Not only can an internship will help expand your digital marketing portfolio and experience, but it can help determine what you appreciate in a work environment. As there are so many facets of digital marketing, you may find that you appreciate solitude when writing creative content, or that you thrive by collaborating on a new campaign to market a new product or service. While you can learn on your own, an internship will give you real-life experience and help you understand the challenges that marketers face daily. If you do land such a role, make sure you figure out ways to maximize your internship.

5. Become a Member of a Professional Body

Did you know that becoming a certified member of a professional body isn t just for careers like architects. Digital marketing is a professional global industry. Therefore, meaning that being a member of a professional digital marketing body can help demonstrate. Your credibility and stand out from competitors to land that dream job. Therefore, Diploma in Digital Marketing course can qualify you to be a certified professional.

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