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Instagram shopping posts have gained popularity for the ease it provides consumers seeking to buy products from their favourite brands, and retailers who are eager to sell directly to their customers.

However, a lot of social media users are suffering from advertising fatigue. It’s also hard for SMEs in Singapore to stand out from all the advertising noise.

To prevent that from happening, we are here to help you find the sweet spot between straightforward marketing and subtle nudges that motivate your followers to act on your Instagram shopping posts.

8 Ways To Create Instagram Shopping Posts that Convert into Sales

One of the most popular features on Instagram are the Instagram shopping posts. Products are displayed on the app, allowing people to shop directly on businesses’ profile page. Learn how to set up an Instagram shop with our guide.

Here are 8 ways for small business owners to create Instagram Shopping Posts that convert into sales.

1. Ensure Instagram Shopping Posts Aligns with Overall Instagram Aesthetic

When it comes to creating the perfect Instagram feed for your business, there’s an element of art and science. Your Instagram account is your marketing hub.

In order to ensure that an Instagram feed looks professional, take the following approach:

  • When choosing a post for Instagram, make sure it’s strategically placed within the story feed — within the same topic area as the majority of the photos in the post.
  • Make sure it has an authoritative colour scheme and center-frame visual component (such as horizontal bands or images with text within them).
  • Ensure that the photo is high-resolution so that it loads faster on your audience’s mobile devices.

2. Create Lookbook With Carousel Posts Using Photoshoot Images

A lookbook is a snapshot of a business brand in action, made up of product photos, videos, and graphics.

When it comes to creating lookbooks, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, they should be appropriate for the target market. Secondly, they should contribute to the overall sales strategy. Finally, you should use them to market your products. For example, if you are a fashion brand, you could have a particular section for specific outfits, alongside subsections highlighting each outfit.

3. Crosscheck The Shopping Tags Links On Products

If you want to use Instagram as a marketing channel for your business, you need to learn how to check your Instagram shopping tags properly.

Tag right!

It doesn’t matter how good of a business brand you think you are, if you miss a tag or forget to include something important in the description you could end up losing potential followers. Double-check all your tags! By doing this you ensure your content is being optimised.

4. Spread Multiple Products Tags in An Image

There are two main things to look for when trying to space out your product tags: the number of spaces between each tag and whether or not these tags are relevant to your item.

If multiple products are tagged in one image, it might feel overwhelming. The best way to approach this is to group similar products together so your followers are less likely to miss anything.

5. Use Descriptive Hashtags

Using hashtags can help you appear on Instagram search results when users are searching for certain keywords. Finding relevant social media hashtags to market your business is a great way for you to promote your content to a new audience as well.

When used properly, hashtags can help increase brand awareness, get more eyeballs on your posts, and you can reach new customers who might not otherwise know about you and your brand — thereby increasing your conversion rate by up to a significant percent.

6. Implement User-Generated Content For Great Shoppable Posts

One way to grow your social media presence and connect with your customers is to create social media content that gives good value, one of which is User-Generated Content (UGC). UGC could be anything, including memes, videos, or gifs created by your followers, that contribute to the conversation around your brand or product, and help people form opinions about it.

When used effectively, UGC can help bring in new customers and followers who might not otherwise be interested in your brands, products, or services.

The best part is, you get a chance to be involved in the conversation, which means your voice becomes more relevant to the users. Users love engaging with information that they can share with their friends!

7. Space Shoppable Posts Throughout Instagram Grid

Ensure your Instagram shopping posts are evenly spread across your feed.

By spreading out your Instagram shopping posts throughout your feed, your followers won’t get lost in the clutter and be distracted by the “instantaneous marketing” around a specific product.

Instead, they can stay focused on what you have to say and be inspired by your content, which can lead them to be more engaged with your brand.

8. Show Product in Action Using Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories to get people excited about your brand and brand experiences. Videos help communicate what you offer in a more visual way to your audience and are also great to grow your Instagram account.

Your Instagram Stories is designed specifically to help you as a small business owner to stand out from your competitors by showcasing not just the designs and products of the retailers but also how they can use Instagram products in ways that give consumers insights into what your brand is advocating for.

If you are a fashion brand, you can consider using Instagram Stories to showcase how some suits will look like on your different models.

You don’t need a huge marketing team to create catchy Instagram stories – consider using these useful Instagram photo and video editing tools instead to up your marketing strategy.

Track and Measure Instagram Shopping Posts with Instagram Analytics

After doing all of the above strategies for creating an Instagram Shop that generates profits, you need to see if your business is still viable and crosscheck if your posts are producing ROI. Here are a few ways:

1. Use Instagram Insights

Businesses have historically used Instagram as a primary distribution channel to reach customers. Creating a data-driven approach to promoting your profile page and growing your customer base can be an effective way to increase sales while lowering your investment in traditional marketing solutions.

You can reduce the amount of time it takes to expand your brand by using Instagram Insights to track and measure the posts you create. It’s a free tool that gives you insights into the type of content you are publishing and how it is performing on Instagram.

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