Social video is a great way to showcase content in a highly engaging and lively format. Indeed, many social media users now expect brands to use videos to communicate with them. There is a vast number of videos available on social platforms. However, social videos can be grouped into several native content formats.


1. Explainers

YouTube se ha convertido en algo mucho más que un video-plataforma de intercambio. No sólo es el lugar número uno para ver videos, también es un motor de búsqueda. La gente mira a YouTube como fuente de información. Explainer videos puede iluminar un objeto basado en el presentador de la opinión o de la comprensión. Estos videos pueden ayudar a simplificar las complejas ideas o tendencias de los usuarios. Generally, explainer videos aim to clearly explain something to viewers. They provide information about specific subjects, and might also be designed to educate, inspire, and in some cases, shock viewers into action. The <a>Our Changing Climate</a> video channel makes good use of explainer videos to raise awareness about climate change.

2. How To’s/Guides

How To and Guide videos are like online tutorials. buy phone number database malaysia They are simple videos that describes how to use a product, how to create something, or how to do certain tasks. These types of videos – also known as walkthroughs – usually feature a presenter who can demonstrate exactly how to use a product or service, and can talk the viewer through some of the key features and benefits. The How-to playlist on the DMI YouTube channel is one of the most popular playlists. These types of videos are highly ranked in YouTube and Google, because they often contain popular keywords and phrases that customers are seeking. They can easily influence a user’s purchase decision if they are comprehensive and credible.

3. Interview and Q&A Videos

Interview and Q&A videos are a great way to engage your audience with insightful and exclusive content, and to help convey information about your industry and expertise. You could create videos in which you interview industry thought leaders and influencers, team members, or even customers.

While you can prepare the questions yourself, you could keep your fans more engaged by collecting their questions. Make an announcement beforehand and gather their questions through social media. Then compile and vet those questions to see which ones would suit your topic or theme. Besides interviewing other people, you could have just a Q&A session where you address your audience”s pressing questions, offering them value as well as showcasing your business expertise. This format is best suited to live video. Therefore, as this allows you to connect with the audience more effectively in real time.

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