It is clear that online videos are in fashion, and that more and more young people are giving priority to digital content, which can be consumed how, when and where one wishes, compared to the more traditional activity of Bosnia and Herzegovina watching television. And among online video platforms, YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular, so it is not surprising to know that the ROI generated by advertising campaigns on this social network is very high.

Now, according to data from Google (which, yes, they could accuse of being interested) the return on investment when betting on ads on YouTube is not only very high, but it also reveals the ROI of such a used channel like television.

To reach this conclusion, the company carried out a meta-analysis of 56 cases from different brands and industries, in different European countries, and in collaboration with partners such as BrandScience, Data2Decisions, GhK, Kantar Worldpanel, MarketingScan and MarketingShre. It was thus revealed that, at current spending levels, YouTube provides a higher return on investment in 77% of cases.

As explained from BrandScience, the results of YouTube are not only good compared to those of television ads, but also with many other advertising formats: “In our opinion, online videos are especially effective compared to other online tactics, short and medium term, and represent a clear enhancer of the total ROI for videos. When we have been able to deepen our analysis and isolate the impact of YouTube compared to other video channels, we have found that YouTube is more effective in terms of ROI, taking into counts the sales generated online and offline “

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