Every company requires a professional responsible for managing accounts and maintaining an excellent relationship with customers. A person who is committed to the company’s goal, do you know what position I’m talking about? Of course, I am referring to the Account Manager.The digital transformation has influenced the most diverse areas and is reflected in all sectors, as we see constantly in the digital marketing , for example. It even influences, and a lot, in the way how customers consume and demand more and more from companies.It is within this context that a very important function arises in the commercial area: the role of the Account Manager or Account Executive.Find out why this role is so important within any company and understand a little more about it.Don’t stop reading!What is an Account Manager?In an increasingly competitive Georgia Phone Number List business environment, this position arises with fundamental functions for the success of any company.The Account Manager or Account Executive is the professional responsible for managing the clients of a company.It is up to this professional that clients remain satisfied and optimize the performance of the company.Currently this is not an easy task. The consumers are increasingly demanding and expect the company to know which consume enough to meet your needs.

It is for this reason that the account manager has the challenge of making the user experience unique. Task on which the success of any company will depend.Differences between an account manager and a key account managerNow that it is clear what an account manager is, another quite similar term arises: the key account manager.The Key Account Manager or “KEM” is a professional whose task is quite similar to that of the Account Manager.

The fundamental difference is that, the KEM only takes care of the most important accounts of the company. Those that bring higher financial returns.While the Account Manager can handle a large number of clients, the Key Account Manager will only handle a small number of accounts. This number will vary according to the dynamics of the company and its way of working.To give an example we can say that while an Account Manager takes care of 10 to 20 accounts, a KEM can only take care of 1 or 2.In some cases, depending on the volume of transactions and the size of the company, a KEM is not enough to serve a customer.

In this case, the KEM is responsible for directing the team responsible for this function.Fully satisfying a key customer is critical and may not be such an easy task. The KEM must interact with other sectors of the company to achieve the absolute satisfaction of this client.Your dedication to important accounts must be total, not only to maintain returns but also to increase them.What are the functions of an account manager?Now that we know that the focus of the Account Manager is to improve the relationship between the client and the company, let’s look at their functions in a little more detail: Manage information and trendsInformation is an ally for the account manager and with information we refer to the broad meaning of the word. This professional needs data on: competitors’ players : to find out what others can offer our customers.customer needs :

what we can do to better satisfy them and meet their expectations.trends : in this way we will have the ability to take advantage of new opportunities that may arise.Knowing how to use all the information in your favor is one of the main characteristics of a good account manager.Optimize relationshipsMaintaining an excellent relationship with clients is essential for the success of any account manager.For this, it is important to identify the person or persons responsible for decision-making within a company.A good relationship with these people, transmitting the trust and support they need, is essential to keep business active.

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