More and more users are making use of software programs to block all online advertising and have an interruption-free experience. However, using these solutions may not only be eliminating Belize Email Lists annoying pop-ups, but also essential applications from the web, as a new study by Oriel has revealed .

To reach this conclusion, they ran tests with 24 different blockers on the 100 most popular UK websites, and discovered that ad-blockers, in addition to blocking ads, also accidentally corrupted useful parts of the web, such as the check-in window of the airline companies or the order tracking pages of some retailers. In case you were browsing with the blocker running, all you received was an error message or a blank page, with no explanation of what you were missing.

For example, the software prevented online check-in at airlines such as British Airlines or Ryanair, since it blocked the confirmation box of the reading of the terms and conditions. Also, you were not getting any notification of this happening due to an active ad-blocker, just getting an error message. In addition, on other websites, videos, social buttons and other practical actions such as being able to access certain services on the retailer websites were blocked.

According to Oriel, ad-blockers would be, today, operating in an unsophisticated way, indiscriminately erasing parts of the code that are not related to advertising. As they explain in the study: “The effects of this can vary from small defects to problems that make the web dysfunctional for its users, even in parts of it where there are no ads.”

In addition, the report shows that some of the most aggressive blockers even have a filter to avoid anti-ad-blocking websites. That is, if one of those websites tried to send a notification to the user, asking them to disconnect the blocker to be able to access the page without problems, it would never arrive, since they are filtered a priori by the blocker.

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