Advertising on mobile devices will become increasingly popular due to a completely natural issue: more and more consumers will use their smartphones and tablets to access the network and therefore it will be increasingly easier for brands to find them in this Mexico Email List scenario. According to the latest study by GSMA Intelligence, the research arm of the GSMA (which has just published it in line with the MWC that is being held right now in Barcelona), by 2020 three quarters of the world’s population will be connected to a mobile network . Growth will also be fast and very dynamic in the coming years. According to the study’s estimates, in the next five years alone, 1 billion people will be added to the list of mobile device users, which means that in a very short time it will grow a lot.

And in that market, telecommunications operators will have to be able to create new business opportunities (once they grow so much it is impossible to grow more), although for the brands that use this channel to connect with consumers, the market that really worth. They will have their consumers there, waiting, fully available: a park of millions of users always connected to whom to serve messages and more advertising messages.

But things should not be for brands simply a promise of an idyllic situation, remaining only that they have a park of millions of potential recipients of messages waiting on the other side. Brands have to be able to critically see what they are doing to maximize their actions and be able to reach consumers in a much more effective way. After all, they’re not doing very well right now. The shows neurosciencethat many of its practices are causing stress on consumers and failed negative connections and the fact that more and more consumers are interested in adblockers (and that these are increasingly easier to find in the mobile universe) does not make more than showing that things are not looking good for brands. What they are doing will not work in the long or medium term.

The industry executives themselves are positioning themselves more clearly in this regard and telecommunications operators are becoming a kind of active players and critical voices within what brands, media and supports are doing. Last week, a European operator indicated that it was going to limit the ads for those mobile users who hired it at their rate. At the MWC, one of the analysis topics that operators are moving about is that mobile advertising has to change.

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