Consumers hate the video ads they receive over the internet. The question, which could seem like one of those statements based on one’s own browsing experience and on the things that end up causing the greatest disappointments when accessing the Internet, is supported by statistical accounts and a few studies. Thus, not long ago a study pointed out that consumers receive pre-roll ads so reluctantly that only 6% see them in full when they can avoid them. To this must be added that the numbers of ad blocking Chile Email List systems are rapidly increasing and that more and more consumers use them to surf the net on a recurring basis and that, therefore, more and more are using them. they directly block the video advertising that they can receive from directly not seeing it.

Why do consumers hate video ads? The reasons for this furious reaction to online video advertising are varied, although all of them are closely linked to the bad practices that have spread throughout the network to try to capitalize on a format that is awakening a lot of interest among brands and that has become a potential goose that lays golden eggs that the media wants to exploit before the hen becomes too old to lay.

Video ads have become one of those issues that lead to complaints and more complaints from users and consumers and are one of the recurring elements that are protested. Bottom line is that both brands and media seem to have forgotten about the consumer and instead of making the viewing experience of these ads ‘friendly’ they are making it incredibly frustrating. To this must be added that many times they are nothing more than shoehorn versions of television commercials on the net, that the video ads themselves are not served in the best ways and that the tolerance of consumers is less and less.

All these issues create a complex playing field, one in which brands have increasingly less receptive receptors to their messages and in which one should really sit down and reflect – and a lot – about what is happening. Why? Is the world of video really as beautiful as it seems? And why do some and others continue to bet on the same thing when it is more than likely that the ads, as they are being served, are actually being a failure?

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