One of the points that everyone agrees on about what advertisements and advertising should look like is that it should attract powerfully attention. The message has to be attractive, powerful and has to capture the audience and the audience. Brands need to Oman Email List create ads that stand out, tell engaging and engaging stories, and capture the imaginations of recipients. In a world full of advertising messages and in one in which the referrals that consumers receive from brands are on the rise, companies have to be more and more efficient and effective at standing out above all that noise.

Ads are therefore more and more creative, more and more interesting and more and more attractive. Added to this is the fact that brands generally aspire to go viral. They want their ads to not only be seen on the medium in which they are being broadcast, but also to be shared by the consumers themselves. They need to make the leap and reach the timelines of buyers thanks to their contacts and become the fashionable video on YouTube, with Internet users watching it because they feel like it and the media including it in lists of viral content.

The message has to be powerful and the ad especially memorable, but aren’t companies focusing too much on the message and forgetting what really matters, which is the product?

The problem is there and it can become a serious setback for brands. In fact, as a study carried out by experts from the University of Antwerp concludes , if the media mix is ​​not balanced correctly, campaigns can become much more memorable than the product or service they are advertising. And in some segments the situation is already happening

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