IAB Spain , the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain, today presented the Study of Advertising Investment in Digital Media (total 2015), prepared in collaboration with PWC. The total investment in digital advertising in 2015 was € 1,289.2 M, a figure that includes investment in Czech Republic Email List Desktop (€ 1,168 M), Mobile (€ 78.4 M), Digital Signage (€ 35.6 M) , Online Audio (€ 4.6M) and Connected TV (€ 1.2M), which means a growth of 21% compared to 2014. It should be noted that digital advertising represents a 25% share of the total investment advertising, consolidating its second position in the media ranking.

Regarding Mobile, investment has reached € 78.4 million, assuming 82% growth, a figure that is broken down into € 34.7 million in display, € 36.5 million in search and 7.1 € M in video.

In addition, this year as a novelty it includes data on investment in Audio Online (€ 4.6 M) and Connected TV (€ 1.2 M), which added to Digital Signage, offer a broader version of the advertising market.

Investment in Desktop
Advertising investment in Desktop has reached € 1,168 million and has been distributed in € 439.2 million in display (34.06%), € 612.3 million in search (47.4%) and € 117.1 million ( 9.08%) in video.

Automotive, Technology and Telecommunications and Financial Services and Insurance are the three sectors that have invested the most in display, and account for 44% of the total investment.

Regarding the pricing model, CPM (Cost per Thousand) continues to be the most widespread model with a use of 54.34%, values ​​very similar to 2014. It is followed by time, fixed and sponsorships with 21.40% and CPC with 13.90%.

In terms of programmatic purchasing, in 2015 there has been an increase from 9.35% in 2014 to 13.86% in 2015. Although the figure rises, most of the purchase in 2015 was negotiated, with 86.14%.

Investment in video continues its remarkable growth, reaching € 117.16 million, representing 11% of display investment.

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