During the month of April 2021, advertising investment has reached 419.2 million euros, growing by 72.8% compared to the equivalent period of Jamaica Email List the previous year when the registered volume was 242.5 million euros.

As a reminder to point out that the data in this press release includes those media and supports not directly controlled by InfoAdex based on declarative data from the advertising market. For this reason, the data presented here may not coincide with those obtained from the tools that InfoAdex makes available to users of their information. The media most affected by this measure are Radio, Exterior and Digital, the latter due to the inclusion of data from Search and Social Networks.

As we have been doing since the beginning of this year, the comparative data including 2019 are shown below in order to offer a more realistic scenario in terms of evolutions. In such a way that the data can be compared with those of a period exempt from the effects of the pandemic and the measures adopted, which have significantly affected the advertising

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