Digital marketing has become a totally mainstream tool and few companies and advertising agencies are ignorant of its possibilities. In fact, according to remarketer estimates , spending on  digital advertising will exceed spending on television next year.

The greater interest in digital advertising is palpable in the environment, but in addition, agencies confirm it in a new Strata survey : three-quarters say that their customers are more interested in digital channels this year compared to what happened in the past, and 19% say their customers are still just as interested. Only in 5% of cases has there been a loss of interest in this booming channel.

In the case of the agencies themselves, enthusiasm is even greater and 84% acknowledge being more interested in this field than in 2015. In addition, they give special importance to the online display Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List format (85%), followed by advertisements in results of searches (71%), mobile (70%) and social networks (66%). Although mobile is third on the list, it has taken a significant leap, and 77% of agencies say they are more interested in the possibilities of mobile marketing than last year.

Also the programmatic purchase of online ads is something that increasingly attracts advertising agencies, despite the fact that concerns about the lack of transparency and limited inventory are still very present. In any case, only half of the agencies plan to use this programmatic purchase, and in the vast majority of cases, exclusively for display ads.

Another area that is growing rapidly is that of advertising on social networks, and more and more agencies understand that it does not come with organic reach and that you have to maximize performance through paid ads. Thus, the percentage of agencies that plan to bet on paid ads is double that of 2015, with 4 out of 10 agencies already allocating around 8% of their budget to paid social advertising. Facebook is the most appreciated platform, ahead of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, however, it has been the latter that has experienced the greatest increase this year

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