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The CEO of Puromarketing.Com assures that he “does now not see the disaster anywhere” within the advertising and online Marketing zone, however has Algeria Email Lists mounted itself as a subject in which professionals and companies are locating “a brand new universe of commercial enterprise possibilities” . Webpositer , search engine optimization and online marketing employer, raises in this in-depth interview a number of the issues that maximum difficulty specialists and types.

Webpositer, founded in 2001 and included into the group Producciones Digitales del Mediterráneo, makes a speciality of seek engine positioning, social media advertising and online popularity. In 2012 it opened a new section, committed to interviews with Social Media experts and experts in advertising and on-line advertising, with the unique collaboration of the pinnacle of Puromarketing , the leading virtual newspaper of professionals in the region.

Since it started out in 2007 as a «interest»of its founder, Toledo has managed to show this on line verbal exchange medium right into a benchmark and speaker of the maximum super information in advertising and advertising and marketing. Drawing on his profession path, he assures new marketers “that it’s miles worth a strive, that they can do it, and that they’re no longer afraid of making mistakes.” In this feel, he stocks the philosophy of Webpositer while he considers that “the essential element is the overall effects and mastering alongside the way.” And to take stock of these effects, Toledo reminds Webpositer that “a variety of endurance is required, believing in oneself and exceptionally perseverance of their paintings.”

Linked to the arena of design and new technology for extra than 15 years, Andrés Toledo has acquired one-of-a-kind awards and recognitions for his work as an expert within the management and development of statistics systems and Internet portals. For this famend professional, the secret of Puromarketing’s success lies in having “the vital knowledge and a spark of skills”, a method to that’s delivered “perseverance, determination and a variety of work and involvement to reap it. You have to blindly believe to your personal thoughts and do not forget that any goal may be executed if we paintings reliably ».

Another key that this expert well-knownshows to the Webpositer Agency is to wager on constant renewal. “In a world just like the Internet, wherein the whole thing changes hastily, it’s far important to in no way forget about to continuously innovate and realize a way to evolve looking to enhance each day”, asserts the CEO.

The price of social media for manufacturers

The founding partner of Puromarketing has defined to Webpositer that social networks represent “the scene of all battles” for many brands, wherein actual crises can start “which can be capable of causing million-dollar losses to the maximum coordinated rebel by way of their own consumers and clients , thereby affecting the photograph of the emblem itself.

However, Andrés Toledo emphasizes the relevance of the usage of these social media, because they are systems that permit agencies to generate better relationships; pay extra attention to your clients and clients; listen to them and participate in their conversations, for that reason improving the know-how of their pastimes.

Crisis in on-line marketing

The Webpositer Agency wanted to know first-hand the opinion of the director of Puromarketing on the consequences of the disaster on on-line advertising. For Andrés Toledo, the advertising and marketing and on line advertising quarter is provided as a «new universe of enterprise opportunities».

In truth, the modern-day figures for advertising investment and the growth in online techniques with the aid of businesses and brands, as well as short and medium-term forecasts, demonstrate this. In this area, “I don’t see the disaster everywhere , ” he asserts.

The executive director of this guide emphasizes in Webpositer that “Internet and new technology as an entire offer us the opportunity to start a expert adventure complete of super experiences and feelings, and with many opportunities to consolidate a business”, due to the fact they are depositories of a large a part of the funding drift that previously fell in sectors along with creation.

This new investment strategy is, in the words of Toledo, “a very good sign for Spain, no matter the crisis . ” For this expert IT representative, companies and brands at the moment are “more aware” of the power of the Internet, of social media and of the new role that clients acquire, extra social and influential than ever.

“The Internet is experiencing a second golden age and the advertising and on-line advertising sector is manifestly benefiting from this,” Toledo explains to the Webpositer Agency.

Predictions for 2012 revealed on Webpositer

Although the govt director of Puromarketing affirms in Webpositer that he does no longer typically release predictions, he does take into account that essential changes will arise this year whilst agencies placed into exercise the understanding received throughout 2011 on social networks: “I think it will likely be the yr of Social CRM ».

In addition, Toledo predicts that “in a short time” we are able to witness a change of the tv medium – the handiest one which nevertheless has a better advertising investment than on line media – into a new technology of linked televisions , with which the Internet would achieve the definitive supremacy. “The actual revolution may want to come a little later, whilst related tv can truely be genuinely extended and consolidated,” he concludes.

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