We cannot deny that Apple is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands today and recognized as one of the most important and valuable global brands in the world. One of those ubiquitous brands Cayman-Islands Email List whose advertising we can find everywhere as we have already seen with our previous selection of ads and traditional brand advertising campaigns .

Its history is full of great displays of ingenuity and creativity where advertising has also played an important role. Today, Apple is a ubiquitous brand thanks to its marketing machinery and its continuous actions, commercials and advertising spots around the world. Your ads don’t just show us your products. They tell us stories, show us their philosophy and their unique style. “Everything in their advertising is Apple.”

Now, in the year that Apple turns 40 and enjoying perhaps the best moment in its history, we believe that the occasion well deserves a new tribute that will surely be well received, especially by fans of the brand itself and also by lovers of advertising.

For this reason, we have collected in an extensive selection 50 of its best advertisements and most creative and memorable commercials, which also give us a glimpse of the evolution over time of this company and its different flagship products. Get comfortable to enjoy the best advertising!

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