Advertising is everywhere. Ads have been found in all kinds of spaces and on all kinds of screens. You could almost say, in fact, that the rare thing is, these Kuwait Email List days, that there is a screen that does not serve ads. Consumers are surrounded by brand messages and they try to position themselves in the most prominent and striking way to connect with them, be remembered and convey their brand messages. But, although it may seem surprising, there are still ad-free spaces that companies can conquer with their messages.

One of those spaces is cars. Cars have been incorporating screens in recent years, which accompany navigation, but they have also become much smarter. This growing intelligence and the fact that they have spaces in which ads can potentially be shown make them become a stage with advertising potential.

Ford has just registered a patent that would allow it to place advertising in a prominent area of ​​the interior of the vehicle. For advertising, the HUD (Head Up Display) systems that have been integrated into the vehicles would be used.

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