Artificial Intelligence is already used in almost all market segments, as its flexibility and customization technology greatly contribute to the development of operational tasks and decision-making.Between futuristic technology and science fiction movies, Artificial Intelligence has become, in fact, a widely used resource in everyday life, from the moment we perform a simple Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List action on our smartphone, until the moment we make an online purchase .The applications of Artificial Intelligence became popular and widespread. However, the more we investigate, new uses and potentials are revealed by the advancement of technology , showing that there are still many possibilities to explore .

Despite the wide spread of the technology, many people still have doubts about how it works and how it can actually be applied in different business segments.Keep reading this post and understand more about it!What is and how does Artificial Intelligence or AI work?The term Artificial Intelligence is not as recent as it seems. In 1956, Professor John McCarthy created the expression to refer to the ability of machines to solve problems that, until then, only humans could solve.The concept of AI remains the same: the feasibility of machines thinking like humans , developing the ability to learn, reason, perceive, deliberate and logically decide on facts .Another important aspect of AI is that, due to the ability to learn, it must be constantly nurtured so that it can continue to evolve as well as a person. As complex as this is, it is only possible with simple calculation processes, such as: data model: structures to


intelligently process, categorize and analyze data;big data : base that allows to have large amounts of data for processing.processing power: operational and logistical capacity to process information quickly and efficiently.In any case, to understand how AI works, it is necessary to know that there is a combination of technologies that makes it possible.

What technologies allow AI to work?Artificial Intelligence is made up of codes and data. The former are responsible for reading and interpreting the latter.However, it is more than a simple data analysis and, to fulfill an infinity of complex commands that result in the ability to imitate humans, it includes several technologies.Machine learningThe first pillar of AI is machine learning, whereby computers become capable of learning and evolving. In technology, what happens is the logical processing of data and the identification of patterns that generate intelligence.Without Machine Learning , what we understand as artificial intelligence would not materialize. Currently, for example, Amazon uses technology extensively to make more personalized and relevant recommendations to customers.

The system works as follows: the machine monitors all customer actions on the site and identifies patterns, such as when customers who viewed product X also show interest in Y.Therefore, when a user performs the first search , the system indicates another product because it recognizes that there is a relationship between the searches.In Machine Learning, these patterns are identified in infinite networks, so that there are thousands of points of intersection that are connections between the information, thus allowing large-scale intelligence .

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