In the race to position itself in the growing world of ad blocking systems, new players are emerging every time (to the desperation of media and brands). Adblocking systems that started in the market Canadian Email Lists have been joined by copycats and competitors who offer the same services, which make consumers have more varieties and more possible systems to block ads and, therefore, they can use them more.

To these must be added another new factor and that is that browsers are appearing that, from the outset, block advertising and that make the consumer not really have to install anything to navigate without seeing ads. These emerging services, as is also the case with mobile internet connection rates that are offered as standard by not seeing ads, are one of those that are already making the media and brands more sleepy, since they make the problem become entrenched. much more and that ends directly at the root. If the browser directly blocks the ad, there is little that the brand or the medium can do to combat it.

And so it is not surprising that the media (especially) are determined to fight them much more actively and to be much more active in ending what they see as a threat. Adblockers have already starred in a similar movement and the media has already tried to eliminate them via court ruling. German or French media sued the company behind AdBlock Plus, the most popular of these services, accusing them of preventing the free market. The judgments ruled in favor of the tool in the cases in which the process has reached the end, which has meant that the judicial action has not had the effect sought by the media. However, in the case of the media and browsers that block ads, things can change because the starting situation is not the same.

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