When it comes to promoting a brand and its products, BTL advertising is a great ally. Without a doubt, it is important that you know what it is about!For that reason, in the following lines we will explain to you, for sure, what this type of advertising is , what its characteristics are and why it is convenient for you to Bahrain Phone Number List apply it. In addition, we will show you how you can do it.Follow us!What is BTL advertising?First, you should know that BTL is the acronym for Below The Line, that is, below the line. This term refers to non-massive communication campaigns, which are aimed at specific market segments.So, BTL advertising is the way to reach those segments, through techniques such as creativity, surprise and a sense of opportunity, and in turn using innovative channels and methods to transmit messages.

Characteristics of BTL advertisingThe main characteristic of BTL advertising is that it is not developed through mass media and, instead, takes advantage of new and direct marketing channels and even social events and telemarketing. Other of its singularities are: PersonalizationBy segmenting the market, BTL advertising allows interactions between brand and target audience to be personalized close and direct.TemporaryYes, this type of advertising has a beginning and an end. It is important to define your goals and how long you hope to achieve them.High dose of creativityInnovation , originality and surprise are some words that describe the essence of BTL advertising. Creativity is what allows this strategy to connect with the target audience and make the most of communication channels .

Advantages of applying BTL advertisingAmong the different advantages of BTL advertising, the following stand out: FlexibilityThe BTL can be developed in both digital and traditional advertising formats . In addition, it allows introducing itself as a promotional strategy in different digital marketing methodologies and practices .QuantificationAnother great advantage of BTL advertising is that its results are easy to measure.Aspects such as the contacts generated, call responses and product tests become metrics that help identify errors in time or certify that the correct steps are being taken.

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