The mission and vision of a company are main elements of its organizational culture . Defining these concepts is essential to have a clear conception of itself, its philosophy and even the way in which it should be structured and operate.For that reason, today we want to explain what these valuable concepts are about , their relevance within companies, how to define them and some very Cambodia WhatsApp Number List good examples of them.Read on and learn all this!What do the mission and vision of a company mean?As people, it is not bad for us to rethink who we are, what we want to achieve and, in general, if we feel comfortable with our environment and with the different aspects with which we interact daily.Companies, on the other hand, cannot afford to constantly redefine their essence, values ​​and objectives, since these change processes tend to be aggressive and are not always well perceived by the market and its consumers .For that reason, companies must be born with a clear mission and vision that allow them to maintain their identity over time and not be forced to eventual reengineering, which is always the last option.When we talk about the mission of a company, we basically refer to its reason for being .


The objective of this concept is to define why a company exists and what the activities it carries out serve the world, the country or society.For its part, the vision reflects what the company wants to become in the future or where it wants to go. From this come your objectives (general and specific), tactics, processes and, in general, activities.Also, in identifying a company, the mission and vision must be accompanied by other essential concepts such as values, codes and approaches to social responsibility .

Why are mission and vision important in companies?You already know that the mission and vision of a company are an essential part of its conception and identity .If we look at it in a deeper way, these concepts articulate the entire development and functioning of an organization .And it is that these elements, as a whole, are the nucleus of the companies, since they are based on strategies, actions, future plans and much more .In addition, defining and disseminating the mission and vision of a company allows it to project professionalism, organization and responsibility, which attracts suppliers, collaborators, possible strategic allies and, of course, customers .For this reason, many companies are concerned with making these elements known through their website, social networks and even within their offices or physical headquarters.It is also important to promote these concepts within the staff to generate a sense of belonging and identification, which translates into motivated, happy and optimistic workers.

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