Nobody likes online ads: they interrupt, they deconcentrate, and half of the time there are not even products that one might be interested in buying. The figures confirm it: the click-through rate on banners continues to decline, 94% of consumers skip pre-roll ads during the first five seconds, and 1 in 10 display ads are never seen by a person. Not to mention the rapid growth in Central-African-Republic Email List adblocking adoption: consumers are legion who would happily do without online advertising.

In this context, brands must bet on other formats to promote themselves, and budgets give a good account of this: investment in quality content is growing more and more, compared to the advertisements of a lifetime, as reflected by analyst Rebecca Lieb in a new report , sharing various statistics on the effectiveness of online ads from various top brands.

As Lieb herself explains: “As the effectiveness of advertising decreases, marketers turn to other forms of marketing that manage to generate more engagement from consumers during their buying journey. Marketing and content strategy have emerged as saviors in the new marketing hierarchy as leaders seek alternatives to paid ads that are no longer producing tangible results. ”

It must be borne in mind that the consumer is not only tired of online advertising, he does not pay attention to it: 60% are unable to remember the ads to which they have been exposed and 54% believe that they work for us at all). That’s why the marketers Lieb spoke with said they are increasingly shifting their budgets toward social platforms and sponsored content, especially via mobile. It is about native content that presents a new way of thinking about marketing: through careful stories that add value to the user and entertain him.

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