Has it already happened to you that you or someone from your marketing team has an idea for the production of content that, surely, will be loved and shared by your audience on all social networks , making a huge Sri-Lanka Phone Number List buzz, but that, in the end , none of that happens?Believe me, this is more common than we imagine and that is why you need a tool like Buzzsumo .To find out what this solution is about, what it can do for your marketing strategy and what the main tools are, stay with us until the end of the article!What is Buzzsumo?Buzzsumo is a tool that makes it possible to intelligently create the best content from resources that allow: discover which content is most shared;

track brands, competitors and backlinks;identify influencers and links shared by them;generate analysis reports by subject and other filters.In this way, Buzzsumo offers the necessary tools to ensure that the content stands out, generates engagement and is shared.It can also help you increase the authority of your site, as well as analyze your backlinks and those of the competition

with the aim of improving your position in search engines .Today’s marketers have a busy schedule.New content is published daily, as a consequence of this high demand, problems are generated when monitoring its results and knowing what steps are necessary to optimize digital strategies .This is why a tool like Buzzsumo is essential .What is Buzzsumo good for?Now that you know what Buzzsumo is about, we will introduce you to how it can be used within a content marketing strategy .Find what is being shared on social networks Buzzsumo allows you to identify what was shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (in this network, Buzzsumo can only examine the profiles,

but not the publications).Therefore, you do not need to guess about the things that are being shared on the networks by and for your audience.For example, think of a time like Mother’s Day. Marketing professionals know that the first days of May can be explored for campaigns that refer to that day.Luckily, when using Buzzsumo, these campaigns don’t need to be run based on assumptions.Besides, Buzzsumo also helps you maximize your time by eliminating search results that do not apply to what really interests you. You know that time management is paramount for professionals who work with marketing!1. Find influencers who share your postsWhen we talk about content marketing in practice, it is not enough to publish great content, cross your fingers and hope that the best will happen.It is necessary to spread the content so that it can reach the target audience and achieve the desired results.One of the best ways to spread it is through influencers , as they increase the chances that the content will go viral.

To understand the success of this strategy, just think about who you trust the most when you find a new product or service: the company that sells it or a person who indicates it precisely because they are very good?

Surely in the second option, right? Therefore, it is much more feasible for your audience to consume, like and share content if it is disseminated and recommended by an influencer.It is at this time that Buzzsumo comes into action, more precisely through search tools by influencers.By clicking on the “influencers” guide at the top of the platform, you will be able to perform a search based on what is in the influencer’s profile or in the content shared by him.Once that is done, Buzzsumo presents a list of influencers who are talking about the issues of your interest and giving insights on how to create valuable content on the subject.

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