Let’s imagine the following situation: your marketing team has the objective of generating a certain number of MQLs and SQLs every month so Libya Email Lists that the sales team can contact them and convert them into customers


But how does this conversion work? What types of techniques and approaches are used so that part of the generated leads become customers?

We separate here the top 19 sales books capable of answering those questions, so that salespeople can increasingly improve their business approaches and marketers can understand how they work. Are we going to meet them?19 sales books that can help you exceed your goals1.

Predictable Income This book, by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler, is considered the sales guide for many companies in Silicon Valley. Within this, it teaches how to deal with predictability in the generation of recipes for a business so that planning is done with total safety.

With the “Predictable Income” book , you will gain the essential insights to consistently generate leads and, most importantly, convert them into sales to reach your monthly goals!

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