Automated prospecting tools, such as lead collection and email sequencing, are essential in B2B today. But what are the characteristics and functionalities of these solutions? What is their cost? Overview of Paraguay Email List these prospecting software.What do prospecting and sequencing tools offer?Email prospecting and sequencing tools go directly into the sales cycle of sales reps. They automate what was previously done by hand,

but much more efficiently and in much less time. Most often these two functions exist within the same tool.A B2B prospecting tool thus aims to:Search and validate the email address of prospects (unlike the B2C sector, the B2B is allowed to send unsolicited emails to companies); segment targets;sequence the sending of emails;monitor performance.More specifically, email sequencing involves automating the sending of a message based on the prospect’s action or a time limit. For example, if the prospect provides their email address to download a report or white paper to your site, a download email will be sent to them. Then, depending on his maturity towards your business, he will receive the right cold e-mail at such and such an opportune moment.

In other words, the one who should lead to the sale.Most of the tools available offer these functions, but in a more or less extensive manner. And the price obviously suffers.increase your B2B customer acquisition in digital marketing The importance of automated prospecting software on Linkedin If email is the main B2B prospecting channel, Linkedin is following it very closely.

The automated prospecting software thus offers, in parallel, a prospecting on Linkedin. For this, they are based on the specifics of the social network and its messaging, and can thus restart the conversation at the right time. Linkedin also allows you to gather a lot of information on possible prospects, including their subscriptions and, consequently, their professional interests.There are a lot of Linkedin Automation tools. But, as long as we do, we might as well favor a global prospecting tool.Comparisons of automated prospecting solutions We have selected 4 tools, including 3 French, for prospecting and sequencing emails that meet B2B needs of all types and sizes of business.DatananasFounded in 2015, this French start-up offers a B2B prospecting and personalized cold e-mailing solution. In particular, it highlights the creation of an enriched database with partnerships. Among its other services, we find: target segmentation, performance indicators and the integration of tools such as Gmail, Outlook or Zapier.


Its advantage: its basic cleaning functionality limits the problems of over-solicited prospects or expired contacts.LemlistCreated in 2018 by two Lille residents, this tool offers a powerful prospecting experience by cold e-mail with 360 ° personalization. In particular, it offers to personalize the message very precisely, with the logo of the prospected company and the name of the prospects.Its plus: a dashboard with indicators in the form of emojis and a percentage according to the performance of the shipments and their stages. Clear and concise !

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