When creating, managing and coordinating all digital material within a Content Marketing strategy , whatever its main objective, the figure of the Content Manager emerges as the masterpiece to execute these actions.In this article we will give ourselves the task of teaching you what a Content Manager really is, its role within the digital transformation of an organization, the tools it uses and the skills that should characterize it.Without South Africa Phone Number List further ado, let’s get started!What is a Content Manager?In a simple way, a Content Manager is the professional in charge of planning, creating and coordinating all the digital content used during an Inbound Marketing campaign .Likewise, as part of an effective Content Marketing strategy, it is capable of carrying out actions related to the creation of materials for websites and blogs, as well as analyzing the results, effectiveness and obtaining leads or conversions.What is your role in Content Marketing?

As part of the management and coordination of the digital content of a brand, company or organization, its work involves various functions.Some of the most important are the following:Prepare the content planImagine having a strategy without a plan to follow. That would be implausible, right?That is why the Content Manager is considered the ideal piece to develop a content plan that helps your organization achieve various aspects, including: define clear actions for the defined objectives;anticipate all possible difficulties;

adjust strategy when necessary;know in depth the buyer person according to the product or service that is offered; define the keywords or keywords according to the ideal audience.establish a purchase process that generates greater customer conversion; verify and manage resources to achieve objectives.Then, the Content Manager is the one who designs and materializes the way forward within a content strategy that, when consolidated, will help your company grow.Understand the behavior of the buyer personThe buyer persona is the north for all the aspects that are necessary within a Digital Marketing strategy .What should you understand about user behavior?

We will explain it to you right away: what demographic information is relevant;objectives of the buyer person;aspects that value a product or service;weak points and how your company can help you;where you look for information;sector where they work and what position they occupy, among others.These data allow the Content Manager to know the key aspects to create a buyer persona that leads your organization to establish an effective communication process with the ideal audience.

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