has free and very complete content, as well as certain elements such as more elaborate templates or some plugins from companies that UAE Phone Number List are paid. In other words, it is a platform that presents a freemium business model .features customizable layouts and themes ;is prepared to improve SEO positioning ;adaptable content for mobile devices.


These contents may also interest you:CDN: discover the advantages of a content distribution network on your website Discover why WordPress is the king of CMS worldwide WPO:

complete guide to take your website performance to another level Functionalitiesinterface: helps to manage and create a website in just a few steps; aesthetic: variety of attractive themes available to the user; pluging : provides types of plugins, for example, design, style, social networks, among others; design: for each particular case, there is a specialized design, for example, landing page design, which is used as a digital marketing strategy .Here is the link to a FREE guide to WordPress for corporate blogs.2.

DrupalDrupal is a very flexible CMS regarding modification and manipulation that provides an excellent user experience .CharacteristicsIt is an open source platform (open source), which means that it has a community that develops, updates and improves Drupal every day.the web platform allows us to create modules to our liking, efficient and safe.global experiences in any language.It is free ,

has no license or maintenance fees.Functionalitiestest mode: provides the option of automatic code testing; support : provides support for SQLite, MySQL / MariaDB and PostgreSQL out-of-the-box, in addition, it has the ability to install contributed modules to use MS SQL Server, Oracles, among others; Image support: it is incorporated into the kernel, it is possible to use private and public file management at the same time.3. BloggerBlogger offers a platform where any user can express themselves digitally through blogging .With this platform you can develop all kinds of content,

in different ways and for the target audience you want.Characteristicscreation of multiple blogs with one record;interface in different languages;incorporation of templates in your content;incorporation of Blog gadgets that handle different functionalities; contact with readers through comments on the blog

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