A frequent challenge in the life of the marketer is proving the value of their work to their superiors and to the marketplace.In digital marketing, this mission has become much easier.After all, it is possible to measure almost all the results of a digital strategy and there is no shortage of Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List tools to analyze the most important metrics.However, there are strategies that can make this analysis a bit difficult. For example: how is ROI calculated for content marketing ?How to know if a method based on content production, which indirectly contributes to sales, is profitable for the company?To answer these questions, we prepared this article with everything you need to know about the application of ROI in content marketing. Join us!Why calculate ROI for content marketing?Before we talk about the reasons for applying this formula, let’s understand, in fact, what the ROI of content marketing is all about.ROI, an acronym for Return On Investment or return on


investment, measures the profit or loss of each strategy used by a company in a certain period.The objective of this indicator is to understand which types of investment are worthwhile and which ones need to be optimized or suspended.Additionally, this metric helps managers make well-informed decisions .But here a problem arises:When deciding to measure the ROI of a company’s digital marketing, the result obtained can be quite ambiguous.

With so many strategies and methods available, how can a manager identify what brings the best or worst results?For that reason, the ROI calculation should be a bit more detailed. In this case, it is possible to measure the return on investment of email marketing, social networks, SEO and / or inbound marketing .Speaking of content marketing, the importance of measuring your ROI is in evaluating the impact that the strategy causes on the company’s income.Although lead generation is not the main focus of this method, you need to generate some financial return. It cannot be just one more cost in digital marketing .More objectively, ROI can show if your blog is successful, if the leads originated through this channel are converted into customers and if content marketing is being cheaper than other types of marketing .

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