Among the factors that allow a brand to adhere to the consumption habits of customers, the post-sale relationship , financial benefits and also corporate identity stand out , which makes the customer associate certain symbols, colors and practices to a company.In this article we will show you exactly what Corporate Identity is, shall we?Corporate Identity: what is it?It is the set of values ​​that make up the world vision of a company. Its principles, its endomarketing actions , the position it adopts in different situations and the image that the company wants to cultivate of itself.The corporate identity of a company goes beyond the appearance of the business and is related to important Chile Phone Number List cultural and organizational matters of the company.Also known as business identity, or corporate identity, it is a fundamental aspect for companies of all sizes and segments , as it is relevant in the relationship with collaborators and clients.The identity, in addition to the biotype, represents what a person is, their values, how they relate to other people and how they behave in different situations.As we can see, the elements that make up the business identity are a mixture of these two aspects, the essential and the visual. But, to understand what corporate identity is, we first need to understand what it is not!What is the difference between corporate identity and logo?It is common that when thinking that a business identity is needed, one thinks specifically about the logo and the visual identity .

After creating the logo, the definition of the identity of the company is believed to be complete.However, that is just one, among various elements that make up corporate identity.It can be said then that the logo is one of the aspects that a corporate identity must have , however, it does not represent the essential characteristics of the company.Visual identity is an important factor, mainly to generate public recognition, however, the representation of a company’s discourse must be put into practice in different ways and not only aesthetically.Why have a corporate identity?

Once the business identity represents the essential and visual elements that make up the company, a clear definition of this behavior pattern is essential so that the client, partners and collaborators know what to expect from the company .Companies that have a discourse, but in practice act in the opposite direction can definitely lose the public’s trust.For example, if the company has a speech in favor of environmental preservation and green practices, but partners with companies recognized as polluters, the public will question that attitude.Corporate identity is thus important to build a solid message that will make the public know what to expect from the company.

New consumer trends made the relationship between company and customer an important aspect for loyalty and, also, for the balance of sales, since the fixed customer base makes up an important part of the finances of companies.This new relationship made consumers begin to demand certain positions from the companies with which they interact, with corporate identity being a relevant factor in directing that relationship.

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