The website hosting is a necessary service for marketing companies that develop and manage domains of clients, or even for those who do Tunisia Email List this work on their own.Making changes and maintaining the administration of these portals is a job that requires support tools and, given this need,

cPanel is today the main editing and maintenance platform. What makes this tool stand out is its comprehensive and easy-to-operate environment.Through cPanel it is possible to manage websites of different accommodations, with wide possibilities of modifications and different levels of configuration.Undoubtedly, the opportunity to centralize all the needs in one place is the great differential of the platform .In this post we will talk more about cPanel hosting! Check the detailed content between the following topics: What is cPanel and what is it for?

How to start using cPanel?What resources does cPanel provide?What is the difference between cPanel and WHM?Who should use cPanel for management?What are the advantages of using cPanel?Read on and take a look!What is cPanel and what is it for?cPanel is a WordPress site management platform , which works like a real control panel.In this environment, all the configuration and editing of a website can be carried out, with different levels of possibilities.Basically, the proposal of cPanel is to allow the management of domains developed within a WordPress account.

The main brand of cPanel is to centralize the control of the websites and to run the resources offered by the host in one place.In summary, everything that is offered at the editing and configuration level by the contracted website hosting service can be done by cPanel.Websites can have the breadth of resources that the user wants. Installing and uninstalling applications , making edits and adjustments are necessities that must be accessible and practical.This shows that cPanel hosting is an environment that facilitates the entire operation, providing greater management autonomy to those who work with one or more websites.The platform is a standalone system, but it is used by various companies that offer website development and hosting.Therefore, the cPanel environment will be available in various services, since it is only one platform used by several companies.

How to start using cPanel?It is important to understand first that cPanel is always associated with a hosting account, that is, the contracted host service offers access.Therefore, the control environment can have different visual characteristics, applied by the company, but both the operation and the available resources remain the same.Depending on the hosting service, the access link to cPanel will have a specific address. These are details that do not make any difference in the use itself, but that you have to register.Once you log in, this link will show you a simple box to complete the username and password. Just log in with the information provided by the host to start trading.Then, you will be directed to this main site management screen. There you will find all the available resources essential for the comprehensive management of a website.

These contents may also interest you:CDN: discover the advantages of a content distribution network on your website Understand what you have to do to migrate your WordPress hosting WPO: complete guide to take your website performance to another level What resources does cPanel provide?What makes cPanel hosting complete and indispensable is precisely the breadth of resources available in this control panel .All the management of the sites contracted in this hosting service will be available in one environment, which will greatly facilitate the work.Below, you better understand what its main features are and how each of them represents practicality,

reach and optimization.Email managementThe management of email services is one of the main services available in a hosting panel.By associating an account with a website, it is possible to use the same domain to have a fixed nomenclature that provides credibility and makes this identification easier for the public.Therefore, when using cPanel, it is possible to create email accounts and associate them with your domain.

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