Historically, the most successful companies are those that put their best effort into applying strategies full of creativity and innovation. Zimbabwe Email Lists But in the business world it is common for us to associate the concepts of creativity and innovation as equals, although in reality, both words mean different aspects, which are indeed quite related.

To understand it better, here we will see how they are related, how important they are within an organization for the fulfillment of goals and objectives, how fundamental they are today and their constant transformation, in the face of an  .

The first thing we must understand is that  is a mental ability that human beings have to imagine and conceptualize new and original ideas, which we can relate to things that already exist and which can mean an improvement or a new and different characteristic. to those that already exist.

We all have creative potential and that is evidenced when we refer to ourselves as that we are capable of creating such and such things that are original, expressive, unique and exciting.

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