Crowdfunding is collective cooperation, carried out by people who are members of a network, whose purpose is to get money or other resources. Its operational logic is based on the idea that there are people with  Turkey Email List money who want to support the ideas of others. However, the project itself does not seek all funding from a single individual or particular organization.

The objective is to seek micro contributions from a large number of people to comply with what is required for the venture or idea that is sought to materialize.To explain the aforementioned, I am going to give you a clear example:If a thousand people support an idea that requires US $ 5,000, each giving 5 dollars, the risk of investors will be dissipated and, in this way, you will have a greater probability of receiving the necessary amount.

Crowdfunding is a project financing collaboration mechanism that has emerged as a result of technological innovations , also called crowdfunding.Through this definition, we can infer that crowdfunding has two main characteristics: It is about a massive union of project investors that finance with very small contributions; has low investment risks.

With the use of the Internet and the monetization possibilities offered by social networks , it is easier to get a large amount to contribute with little money.What types of crowdfunding exist?Crowdfunding is classified according to the type of consideration that investors receive: Donation crowdfundingIn this type we are not talking about investors, but about donors. In other words, the people who contribute funds for the project do so selflessly without expecting anything in return for their donation.

These are usually charitable or social projects, such as fundraising in the wake of a natural disaster.Reward crowdfundingIn this case, those who contribute the funds receive a product or service in return , which allows promoters to carry out a preliminary test of the project.Investment crowdfundingInvestors obtain a stake in the capital stock of the company that is developing it.

When the project collects the required funding and is launched, the contributors receive the return.Loan crowdfundingAlso called “crowdlending” for its English translation. In this opportunity, investors receive in exchange a monthly interest income plus the return of the initial capital contributed.Crowd Factoring or Invoice tradingIt consists of a company that requires financing, discounts its invoices and promissory notes pending due date in order to obtain liquidity in advance.

The consideration received by investors is based on the return of the invested capital plus interest, following what was agreed with the company.

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