Creativity and innovation are essential to any content marketing strategy . To attract the consuming public it is necessary to be creative, the public is eager for novelties.It is due to this need that crowdsourcing arrived, to help us get creative and innovative ideas that solve various problems, with the collaboration of our own audience.Do you want to understand more about the subject? So, join me in this article!What is Crowdsourcing?Crowdsourcing is a practice by which a large number of Venezuela Phone Number List audiences are summoned to contribute ideas in order to find the solution to a task.This word was created in 2006 by Jeff Howe, journalist and editor of the electronic magazine Wired. The word comes from the terms crowd , which means crowd and sourcing, which means supply.This practice allows a task generally carried out by a group of specialists to be carried out through an open call by a large number of people.What examples of Crowdsourcing are there?There are many examples of crowdsourcing especially in marketing. Here are some of them: New hamburgers at McDonald’sThe popular hamburger brand decided to create a crowdsourcing campaign in the UK calling on the public to create a new line of hamburgers.

The participants created the new sandwiches with the ingredients they saw fit and gave their creation a name.5 hamburgers were selected that were marketed for a limited time in McDonald’s restaurants.Models for Marc JacobsOne of the Marc Jacobs brands, Marc, decided to choose the models for his new campaign in quite a different way. He made a call through social networks, basically Twitter and Instagram, for the public who wanted to participate. Using the hashtag #castmemarc, almost  people participated.

In the end, 30 people from different parts of the world were selected to go to New York. Of these, 9 were chosen to effectively participate in the brand’s campaign.Lego IdeasThe well-known building block toy brand decided to create a page for users to contribute creative ideas for the brand.The Lego Ideas section allows users to leave their ideas for new brand products. For this, the collaboration of other users is necessary, so the strategy becomes a kind of crowdfunding.The difference is that instead of collaborating with money, collaboration is sought in the form of votes. Each of these ideas that reaches  votes, goes for a feasibility analysis by the company. If the idea is accepted, it is produced by Lego and the creator receives a reward.

In some cases you may even receive part of the profits obtained from the sales of the product.How can it be used by companies?As you can see, crowdsourcing allows you to carry out various strategies that will help give visibility to the brand. In addition, it is possible to get quite creative ideas that would otherwise be difficult to come by. Engaging the public in one of these practices can be an excellent marketing strategy.

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