data governanceIt is no secret to anyone that companies have always used data to achieve their goals.However, over time the way they are used and the importance they have for companies has increased significantly.An important aspect affecting data management is the digital transformation . Because technological advances are the main reason for the change in the perception and use of data, companies have been forced to adapt. What does this mean?Well, the digital transformation has been a change that Senegal Phone Number List organizations have had to make to survive and stay competitive in today’s markets.At present, information is one of the most precious assets and if a company wants to be successful, having, valuing and taking care of its data is of vital importance to achieve this task.Next, we will explain what data governance is, what is its importance and how it is implemented, you cannot miss it!

What is data governance?Data governance is nothing more than the ability of an organization to implement policies and methods, technological and human resources to manage its data assets and thus have the security of their availability and protection of them.It is important to note that for a data governance program to make sense, companies must consider data as assets.Considering

data as one of the most important assets of a company makes all projects are carried out effectively.You may wonder why data and having a defined data governance program are so important.For data assets to be useful to your organization, your sources need to be reliable. That is, that their origin is known, that they are true, that they are updated and that they are aligned with the internal policies and the mission and vision of the company .Why is data governance important?The importance of data governance lies in the simple fact that in order to make the best decisions, the greatest amount of information is needed to carry out the respective analyzes and balances and thus substantiate said decision.

This results in the following. If companies have truthful, updated and reliable information available when making decisions about emerging or existing projects, they will have beneficial results for the organization.7 steps to implement a data governance program1. Make up the group of people who will be responsible for the programFirst of all, it is necessary to define who will be responsible for guiding this data program.After naming them and distributing responsibilities , they will be in charge of forming a council where plans, strategies and all activities that will have the objective of improving information will be discussed.

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