A blogger is in charge of managing a website or social network with different purposes, whether to sell, inform or entertain.Taking advantage of the tools that Content Marketing offers them, they manage to create attractive and well-nourished content for Vatican City Email List their target audience.Next, we will detail a list with the 4 most important Spanish-speaking bloggers in their specific areas. Get to know them!1. Enrique DansEnrique Dans is a Spaniard recognized and characterized by his professional successes, including his personal blog .

Has an extensive and complete academic profile:Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela;Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Madrid Business Institute;Postdoc at Harvard Business School;Doctor (Ph.D.) in Management, specialty «Information Systems» The John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management in Los Angeles, USA.In addition, since 2003 he came up with an extraordinary idea that made him reap numerous successes, being a blogger !Which has given him a great reputation with innumerable possibilities, such as, for example, the publication of his book “Everything is going to change”, where he talks about technology and the essential process of adaptation so as not to stay in the past.Enrique is a great representative of the science and technology community, due to his great adaptation to digital transformation in its different aspects, and his promotion so that we can all do it, thus becoming one of the famous bloggers of today.He is convinced and has all the necessary evidence for his readers to understand the importance of this new industry , which allows generating personal profit and / or greater business productivity for those who develop professionally in it.

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