marketing automationMarketing Automation tools are used so that companies can reach levels of efficiency and speed, which allow them to carry out the processes of reaching potential clients on a large scale without problems, improving the results of their strategies.If your business needs to reach many more people, but you want to avoid making mistakes that delay results, you have to know about these tools!What is Marketing Automation?This concept refers to the use of software programs and other computer technologies, to carry out processes at scale and help meet the objectives proposed for a Digital Marketing strategy .Thanks to Marketing Automation tools it is possible to Iceland Phone Number List  execute actions, visualize, follow up and make decisions in a personalized way to get closer to the target audience, improve relationships and increase sales.For example, as part of a Content Marketing strategy , the blog is updated with relevant and interesting materials for users. They are then disseminated on social networks to measure the engagement that is generated and, in order to increase conversions for the sales area, emails are captured for a newsletter list .In addition, if necessary, with these tools it is possible to gradually nurture potential customers according to their needs,

through ebooks and blog posts, to motivate them to fill out form templates with their personal information.Digital Marketing GuideFind out how to improve your strategy right [email protected] is Marketing Automation important in companies?For large companies the need for Marketing Automation tools to simplify processes is evident, but for smaller companies its importance may not be so clear.Here are some of the benefits they bring to businesses of all kinds: Promotes constant communication with the publicMaintaining contact with the target audience helps to project a professional image and, above all, demonstrate that it is important and relevant for a certain brand .

Optimize processesPerforming each task manually can be annoying, slow, and even unproductive for your team.Using Marketing automation tools allows you to systematize processes and have control of Marketing actions. In addition, it offers the possibility of monitoring to measure the impact of the strategy and make timely decisions.Reduce the sales cycleBy having a system that automates the accompaniment, management and nutrition of potential customers, known as lead nurturing , the sales process requires less time and resources to complete.Users do not need to repeatedly consult about your products or services to understand them and can decide quickly and efficiently.Lower costsA single person in charge of the software has the ability to reach thousands of leads with just a few steps, which significantly reduces CAC (cost of customer acquisition).It is not necessary to have a whole team of professionals analyzing each user profile,

verifying their information and sending it to the sales team .4 Marketing Automation toolsIf you got this far, you are surely wondering what those Marketing Automation tools are that will bring you great benefits. So, we won’t keep you waiting any longer! Are here: HubspotThis North American company is considered one of the most relevant in Marketing Automation. Your Marketing software is capable of automating:

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