Mentoring is a personal development process where two participants act. In the first place, there is the mentor, who has vast experience in a Mali Email Lists particular field, in charge of teaching, advising,


guiding and helping the second actor, the pupil, seeking their full personal and professional growth.Guest AuthorOct 14, 19 | 5 min readhow mentoring worksThe purpose of this process is to achieve an optimal development of the ward’s functions,

through the transfer of accumulated knowledge in people within an organization and  or society that can contribute their experiences in their favor.This is also known as passing on ‘ know-how ‘.An important aspect to take into account is that, normally,

both parties participate voluntarily in order to achieve the objective.If you want to learn more about this excellent practice, then you must follow our reading to the end!First, we will focus on business mentoring, then we will explain and exemplify the different types of mentoring and their benefits in meeting goals, both at the organizational and personal levels.

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