The market study allows us to understand the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the niche in which you intend to operate or are already operating.It will serve as a guide to determine the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising actions .This type of study is very important for business, because through it you will know: the target audience ( buyer persona );competitors;the main purchasing behavior of consumers ;the main segments of the niche.Therefore, through market research, it is possible to Benin WhatsApp Number List have a holistic vision of the desired niche and create action strategies for your business.However, to achieve this result, it is necessary to conduct a market study in a proper and high-quality manner.In this post, you will understand what the main types of market research are and some steps that need to be taken to conduct a relevant and assertive market study.Let’s go?Learn about the main types of market studiesMarket research is an organized effort to gather information on particular niches and consumers.Generally, this type of research is carried out using statistical methods and techniques so that the information obtained can support strategic decision-making for the business.


There are several classifications for market research. One of the existing classifications divides this type of research into: study of opportunities: sale, product and market;study of sales effort: sales organization, distribution channels and advertising.Another classification divides the market study into 3 different subtypes: The first of these is the exploratory study , the objective of which is to discover new trends.Then comes the second subtype, which is the descriptive study , whose purpose is to describe the characteristics of a given situation.

The third subtype, the experimental study , is intended to test specific hypotheses about a certain aspect of the market.A satisfaction research methodology that is widely used in the world is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) market study .In this research method, consumers answer the following question: “How much would you recommend our company to a friend on a scale of 0 to 10?”Respondents who score 9 and 10 are considered brand ambassadors . Those who score 7 and 8 are neutral. On the other hand, those who obtain a score less than or equal to 6 are considered detractors of the brand.Another example of market research is doing a name test for new products and services, since choosing the name for a new company is not an easy task and has a great impact on the business.

Through this type of research it is possible to verify if people like the sound of a name.It is also possible to assess whether the name refers to the idea of ​​a cheaper or more expensive product, in addition to allowing the interviewees’ purchase intention to be assessed.

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