But then, what if I wanted to review an Instagram post , I can’t do it after this time has expired?If you try to do it, you will see that Instagram does not give the option to save or copy the publications.However, in this post you can learn how to download images, stories and videos from Instagram simply and without cost. Good reading!How to download Instagram images to your browserAlthough, in general, we will use an application to download, there is a very simple way to do it directly from your browser.For that, you have to enter the profile of the user who has uploaded the photo you want to download, Oman Phone Number List find it and click on the image to open it. You will find that if you right-click on the image, you still won’t be able to copy or save it.If you look at the navigation bar, you will see that at the end of the link it says ” ? Taken-by = enter.co “. We will select this part of the text and delete it all, from the question mark forward.So we’ll replace the overridden text with the following: ” media /? Size = l “. The last letter,

that follows the same, is a lowercase L .Then, we will enter the link, which will take us to the photo in original size and that’s it. You can now download the image! Simply right click on the picture and choose from the options ” copy i magen ” or ” save image as “.Now that you have learned how to download Instagram images from your browser, let’s see the applications that you can use to download photos and videos on your mobile .How to download images on iOS and AndroidThe two operating systems most used by smartphones today are: iOS (Apple) and Android (Google).If you have an iPhone or iPad, which uses an iOS system, the best application available so that you can download photos and videos, yours or those of other users, for free and safely, is Instagrab .

Once you have installed it, it is very simple to use.You access your user account. Then, you find the profile of the user from whom you want to download the image or video.Select what you want to download and then just click on the corresponding arrow icon .The content will be saved in the download folder, also on your reel, and you can access it whenever you want.For Android systems, you need to use another app, called Instasaver . There are two ways to download Instagram images and videos with this application.The first is through an autosave function . After activated, it allows you to save the content by pressing copy URL , not being necessary to paste.The other option is to copy the desired link from the Instagram video or image and paste it into the text box offered by Instasaver. The latter is a manual process.Now that we have learned how to download images and videos from Instagram, how about discovering how to download stories as well and watch them whenever you feel like it?Subscribe to the newsletter Leave your email!Rock Content needs the contact information you provided to us to update you on our products and services. You can unsubscribe the receipt of our emails and newsletters at any time. For more information on how to do this, as well as our privacy practices and commitment to protecting it, please check our Privacy Policy .Instagram Stories: download the images you like to your mobile deviceJust as there are different applications to download photos and videos from Instagram, according to the operational system used by each user, the same happens to download stories.

For the Android system, we will use the Story Saver for Instagram application , with which you can download for free from Google Play .After having done the download, you have to register using your Instagram identifications.The application will show us all the users with active stories at that moment. Then, all we have to do is select the user whose story interests us.

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