By definition, a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a system or software that provides the development and distribution of various content for online courses and semi- classroom subjects for students in general.So,

effectively, a VLE is a virtual environment, designed to help teachers and tutors manage study materials both complementary and for courses that are exclusively

developed on the Internet.Its main objective is to create a real classroom on the Internet, Sierra Leone Email List bringing a new learning experience to the student’s screen ,

where it is possible to: carry out scheduled activities;Exchange ideas;have access to various materials of the disciplines studied; monitor your progress in the course.The best: all from the comfort of your home .What are its main characteristics?Next, we will tell you about the 4 main characteristics of this study modality.1. Possibility of studying anywhereBecause it is a virtual environment, teachers and students do not need to move to another place to give and receive classes.Contrary to the traditional model, in which the teacher must be present in the same place for the exchange of knowledge to take place, in the virtual learning environment, the Internet is in charge of connecting people, regardless of their geographical location.2. Flexibility of schedulesIn

the virtual teaching environment you can have access at any time to the contents, according to the interest and availability of the student.In this way, he is responsible for making his study schedules, which despite requiring organization, greatly facilitates the learning process.3. Virtual evaluationsThe most common thing in online courses is the realization of tests virtually, that is, within the virtual learning environment.Teachers usually define a period for testing, which can be hours or days, and students respond through the system itself.

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