Every Content Marketing strategy goes through the analysis and implementation of the characteristics of a successful blog, thinking about positioning and authority. In the specific case of a corporate blog, it must have specific characteristics and patterns to get leads and, consequently, greater business opportunities. Precisely, in the following lines we will explain what they are. Keep reading!1. Content of value Surely you have read e books and blog posts and, at some point in the reading, they have bored or confused you and you have abandoned them. Sometimes this is because they are not structured Albania Phone Number List correctly or lack titles and subtitles. Therefore, make sure that your design is coherent, in this way, the reader will not feel lost while moving forward. Another aspect is when the tastes and interests of the buyer persona are ignored and the content is not relevant. It is essential that you identify very well who the ideal audience is and that the content is written according to their profile.2. Mobile optimization One of the main points of creating a blog and the characteristics of a corporate blog is that it be responsive.

In our times, many people prefer to access their favorite web pages from phones or tablets. The adaptability of a layout to various screens and formats is the backbone of a blog. Its advantages are many, among the main ones are: good user experience ,cost reduction, the low user bounce rate, more conversions and efficiency in the Digital Marketing strategy .3. Social media share buttons One of the characteristics of a blog with high visibility is the incorporation of buttons that allow the material to be shared on the user’s social networks .Normally,

when you start a blog, visits come through these channels, for this reason, in addition to ensuring that they are relevant and of quality, it must have buttons that are easy for the user to find so that they can send this content to their friends. Likewise, it is recommended that there is a connection between the corporate blog and the profiles on these company platforms. calls to action are designed to encourage users to take actions that benefit both the blog and to the reader. Through these you can provide more valuable content, interesting information or offer to download an e book and, in this way, convert readers into leads and, later, into customers.5. Landing Page These external pages to the blog have the specific objective of causing greater conversions,

so it is a feature that you have to include. All the content of the Landing Page is directed towards a single thing: the material offered by the company. Therefore, they are simple and without distractions. In them you can find forms, download links, among others, with the purpose of generating leads.

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